Heather Bradford Patterson

Taking The Time To Understand Your Concerns

Divorce can be emotionally painful and it often shows a side of people who are not at their best. We understand this, which is why attorney Heather Bradford Patterson is so passionate about working in this area of family law. We want to partner with you, so you know that your concerns are being heard and that you are not alone in this process.

With over 10 years of experience, Heather not only understands the divorce process, but also what stages of the process require close attention.

Combating The High Cost Of Divorce

Choices and sacrifices often have to be made and the cost of divorce goes beyond the dollar signs. However, the financial aspect of divorce or the dissolution of a relationship cannot be ignored. We understand that many clients who walk through our door do not have the funds readily available to initiate or defend their case. With this in mind, our office offers numerous payment options. We accept major credit cards and offer convenient payment plans. Additionally, because we value and respect the sacrifice they make to protect our nation's citizens, we are proud to extend a 5 percent discount to our veterans.