About Our Firm

We Focus On The Whole Puzzle, Not One Piece

Heather Bradford Patterson, has been working as a Texas lawyer for over 10 years. During that time, she has worked on extremely complicated cases that required detailed knowledge of the discovery process, as well as the Rules of Civil Procedure. Heather uses this experience and applies it to our firm's family law cases, benefiting our clients tremendously.

In addition to her valuable experience, Heather continues to be involved in community and professional organizations such as the State Bar of Texas, Nacogdoches County Bar Association, Chamber of Commerce and Daughters of the American Revolution.

Divorcing couples face some of the most difficult decisions of their lives. The legal system has many pieces and moving parts and it is hard to know where to begin. By turning to an attorney like Heather Bradford Patterson, individuals in this situation can rest assured that someone is there to hear their side and look out for their best interests, as well as those of any children who may be involved.

Growing From Our Experience

One of the reasons why we are so proud of the work we do is that by forming a partnership with our clients, we are able to grow from the experience we have gained. We offer the opportunity for every client to provide feedback on our work. The information obtained from the feedback is how we determine what changes we can implement in our overall process.

  • Heather Bradford Patterson

Call Heather Bradford Patterson at 936-569-2222 or contact her online today to schedule an appointment to discuss how she can help you with your case. She is conveniently located in Nacogdoches and is readily available to clients in Nacogdoches, Angelina, Shelby and surrounding counties.