Understanding Divorce In Texas

Texas is one of a handful of community property states in the U.S. Many clients ask how this pertains to their divorce. In a community property state, all property, assets and even debts that are acquired during marriage are split equally between the parties.

Sometimes, couples are able to able to discuss these matters prior to getting married and they are documented in a premarital agreement. Many couples, however, need the help of an attorney to make sure that individual rights are protected. Our office in Nacogdoches is equipped to work with you and your spouse during the divorce process to develop an agreement that satisfies both parties. By coming up with an agreement prior to going to court, clients can reduce the time and expense of going to trial.

When Children Are Involved

Divorce matters involving children are traditionally more emotionally fueled as parents face the reality that they will no longer be able to spend the time they were accustomed to with their children. Contacting an attorney like Heather Bradford Patterson to help you with your divorce, can ease the burden of facing these changes all on your own.

Matters such as child support are touchy subjects. Support amounts can be modified if either parent faces significant financial changes, such as a promotion or job loss. Such modifications can help ensure that the children continue to receive support and the noncustodial parent addresses such changes before he or she falls behind on their payments.

Know What To Do Next

If you have been served divorce papers or want to understand what steps are needed for you to end your marriage, it is important that you speak with a lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected. Call us at 936-569-2222 today to schedule an appointment.